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    There’s More Than One Way To Teach The Game Of Golf

    When I search for golf coaching positions or jobs at golf specialty stores or positions at golf courses, I am constantly struck by the written qualifications. Over 85% of the jobs listed all look for persons who are Certified PGA/LPGA Professionals. They do expect the individual to have coaching and management experience, a bachelors or […] More

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    Golf Training to Increase Club Head Speed

    Golf training with golf exercises and golf fitness training is a key to increased driving distance off the tee. The process by which the golfer can increase club head speed is two-fold. Step number one is increasing the efficiency at which the biomechanics of the golf swing are executed. Increased efficiency in the biomechanics of […] More

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    A Stable Right Knee In Your Backswing For More Power

    Golfers yearn for better consistency and power, and yet the very overlooked right knee in your backswing can make or break you hitting solid golf shots. Most amateurs have too much “wasted motion” in their swings, which causes many faults. This results in fat shots, thin, topped, off the toe, and even the dreaded shank, […] More

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    How to Attain the 7 Mental Toughness Traits of Tiger Woods

    Mental Toughness Do you admire the determination of champion golfers like Tiger Woods? When you watch them perform under pressure, do you ever wonder what they’re thinking about? How are they able to play so well when it absolutely matters?  Would you like to hit your golf shots solidly and accurately under intense pressure like […] More

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    Do You Warm Up For Golf?

    This is a loaded question, but what is your warm up for golf? Or, are you like most golfers, and get to the course 5 minutes before your round starts, and rush to the first tee? If so, what was the result? Did you stripe it down the middle long and straight? I think I […] More

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    Golf Grip Tips To Fix Your Swing

    Researching golf grip tips to fix your golf swing is a very wise decision. Since your hands are your only contact with the club, it definitely affects the flight of your ball. Whether you hit a slice or a hook, you can change your grip and immediately correct you fault. Types Of Golf Grips Strong: A […] More