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    How to Attain the 7 Mental Toughness Traits of Tiger Woods

    Mental Toughness Do you admire the determination of champion golfers like Tiger Woods? When you watch them perform under pressure, do you ever wonder what they’re thinking about? How are they able to play so well when it absolutely matters?  Would you like to hit your golf shots solidly and accurately under intense pressure like […] More

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    How to Tap Into Your Golf Confidence Zone

    Have you ever got yourself lost even when you thought you knew the way? In other words, you had a mental map of how to get to a particular place because you’ve been there before, and yet the next time you attempted to get there you got yourself lost. You had good intentions, you were […] More

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    Why Do I Have Higher Golf Scores in Competition?

    What is the difference between playing golf for fun and playing golf in a competition? Not a lot really. Many of the golfers I’ve worked with over the years have struggled with the process of learning how to shoot lower and more competitive golf scores when they are competing. When they are relaxed and playing […] More

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    NLP for Golf Training

    As a professional mental golf training coach, I’ve become known for my use of energy psychology to break through barriers and assist golfers in slashing strokes off their handicap. But energy psychology is only one of the renegade tools that I utilize with my golfers to maximize their performance. I’ve also been trained by several […] More

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    Tapping With These 3 Mental Golf Tips To Improve Your Golf Performance. Get More Control On The Golf Course!

    This brief article reveals three mental golf game tips utilizing a cutting-edge technique known as “tapping”. What is Tapping? “Tapping” is a do-it-yourself form of acupuncture, except you don’t use needles. Instead you simply “tap” on a few “clearing points” while focusing on and saying (to yourself, if appropriate) the negative feeling or emotion. For […] More