Chipping Tip To Improve Your Game And Make It Easy For You To Achieve Your Goals!

Chipping Is Simple….

chipping tip


You need to know this chipping tip! A chip is a tactical shot in Golf where you  lift the ball into the air. The idea is that you will get a long roll, if you hit the ball correctly. Chipped shots are perfect if your ball is buried in the grass or if you’re trying to navigate a downhill slope. If you want to get serious about Golf or improve your game play, you need to perfect your chipping. The following chipping tip should help you achieve this goal!

Chipping Tip

Chipping is simple.


At least it should be!

The amount of golfers that struggle with chipping is staggering. In my opinion, the main reason has nothing to do with technique per se, but tempo.

Most golfers that are poor chippers have poor tempo. They have stabby strokes.

So if your chipping could do with some help, here is what I suggest you do.

Get out your pitching wedge and practice swinging with good tempo.

Chipping Tip on Tempo

To do this simply say “1” on your backswing, and “2” on your downswing and as you hit your ball.

But do this first without hitting a ball. Simply swing back and forth with a “1”, “2” tempo.

Then when you’ve done that, put a ball in the way of your swing.

Make sure that you don’t change your tempo when a ball is in play. Ensure you just focus on your good tempo and let the ball get in the way.

If you do this, you’ll notice your chip shots will be better and more consistent.

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Written by Jeff Richmond

Jeff is the director of instruction for Consistent Golf. He is also the author of 3 Easy Steps to a professional Swing Plane

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