The Littlest Golfer Club set with Golf Grips that Teach Proper Swing Technique (6/6)

The Little Golfer Club set ensures that your child can get the right grip from the very first swing! The clubs for built specifically with kids in mind. They are not adult clubs shrunk down for little hands.  Ask any golf pro what will make the most difference in a golfer’s performance, and they’ll tell you, that having the right grip is essential to a good swing.

Most training grips offer “suggestions” for proper hand position, but they fall short of forcing the hands into the right grip. The LGT grip was molded to children’s hands and have much deeper grooves to help little hands find the right grip every time. There is a L and R, to indicate left or right thumb placement and the mallet-style putter is perfectly weighted and has indicators to help align the ball every time.

Help your littlest golfer feel like a pro and play like a pro! Includes access to an instructional video. Makes a perfect gift for both boys and girls ages 18 months to 5 years old. 

The TLG First Set is the perfect introduction to golf. As your child learns how to grip the club and control the ball, their confidence will grow as will their love for the game.

Available right and left-hand.


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