Tom Watson Lessons Of A Lifetime II With New Advanced Lessons (3/8)

Tom Watson’s Lessons Of A Lifetime II is a clear, concise and logical DVD providing all the necessary info you need. It is perfect for the beginner – as so many areas are covered.

Disc 1:

1 Definition of Terms. 2 The Grip. 3 Grip Pressure. 4 The Setup. 5 Aim & Alignment. 6 Two Methods of Aiming. 7 Ball Position. 8 “The Secret”. 9 Find Your Waggle. 10 The Takeaway. 11 The Back Swing. 12 The Back Swing, a Closer Look. 13 Transition & Downswing. 14 Impact. 15 Follow Through to Finish. 16 Rhythm. 17 The Hook. 18 The Slice. 19 Low (or Punch) Shot. 20 High Shot. 21 Uneven Lies. 22 Adding Distance.

Disc 2:

23 Recreating “The Shot”. 24 Basic Chip Shot. 25 Spot Method Drill. 26 More About Chipping. 27 The High/Soft Lob. 28 Chipping Out of Heavy Rough. 29 Chipping: Uneven Lies. 30 The Basic Bunker Shot. 31 Bunker Play: Buried Lie. 32 Uphill Bunker Shot. 33 Downhill Bunker Shot. 34 Long Bunk Shot. 35 Fairway Bunker Shot. 36 Playing With Hybrids. 37 Full Swing in Review. 38 Putting. 39 Putting Drill. 40 How To Put Under Pressure. 41 Playing in the Wind: Putting. 42 Playing in the Wind: Full Shots. 43 How Can I Stop Slicing the Ball? 44 How Can I Stop Hooking the Ball? 45 Bruce Edwards Tribute. 46 Behind the Scenes.

Disc 3:

47 “The Secret” #2: Keeping the Hip “Crease” at Impact. 48 Pre-Shot Routine. 49 Bottom of the Arc. 50 Head Movement. 51 More on Grip Pressure. 52 Practice Tee. 53 First Tee. 54 Handling Pressure. 55 40 Yard Wedge. 56 Controlling Trajectory. 57 Chipping with a Putting Grip Setup. 58 Chipping with a Hybrid. 59 Fundamentals of Putting. 60 Speed Control. 61 Spot Putting 2. 62 Center of Hole. 63 Missing on the Low Side. 64 Walk the Line. 65 Head Position. 66 More Putting Drills. 67 Teaching Kids. 68 Tip from Tiger’s Dad. 69 Teaching Seniors.

About Tom Watson

Tom is most certainly a Golfing Icon! With eight major championships—including five British Open victories, two wins at the Masters and arguably the most dramatic U.S. Open victory in history. There are also 39 PGA Tour wins, 14 additional wins world wide and 14 wins on the Champions Tour, six of them majors.

He was the PGA Tour player-of-the-year SIX times; the leading money winner FIVE times; won the Vardon Trophy for the lowest scoring average on tour THREE times; won the season-long Schwab Cup race on the Champions Tour twice and is the only man in history to shoot at least one round of 67 or better in all four majors in FOUR decades. He also made at least one cut on tour—even after cutting back to a very limited schedule in 1999—for 37 straight years (1971-2007)

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