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Accurate Golf Club Simulator and Swing Analyzer

The Best Golf Simulator!

Golf Club Simulator

Owning a Golf Club Simulator and Swing Analyzer is definitely a must for the the avid Golfer, because it means you can always practise. The R-Motion Golf Club Simulator and Swing Analyser includes the best technology to ensure you can perfect your game. You can learn to master your ball strike by improving your swing, using the data provided. Furthermore, this Golf Club Simulator receives fantastic reviews giving you the confidence in your purchase.

Freedom To Play Whenever, Wherever.

If you are fed up with having to pay higher rates due to the season change. Or having your time on the golf course dictated by the weather, you really should own a Golf Club Simulator. Owning a Golf Club Simulator will give you the freedom to play Golf whenever, wherever! You can practise your Tee off with your friends at home or in the garden. You’ll have fun and learn at the same time, since with immediate data analysis available you can analyze your techniques. Using your laptop you can review your:-

  1. Club speed
  2. Ball speed
  3. Smash factor
  4. Swing path
  5. Distance
  6. Launch angle

As a result, you can see where you need to focus your attention to get that perfect game!

Teach Yourself How To Improve Your Game

R-Motion and The Golf Club provide you with all of the data you need to teach yourself how to improve your game. Due to the technology available within the app, you can see realistic ball flight trajectory, bounce and roll, including hooks, slices, pushes, pulls, fades and draws or any combination are also taken into account. Furthermore, if you hit the escape key you can go back and reshoot the shot and review it and learn how to improve. In addition the different camera angles shows you a different perspective with every look.

Golf Simulator and Swing Analyzer

Award Winning

The R-Motion features the award-winning golfing experience from The Golf Club that you use to play with your own clubs in your own home! The polished user interface from the award winning creators of The Golf Club, gives you instant feedback on all the club and ball related touchpoints you need to lower your handicaps, shot after shot. So, by using the R-Motion and The Golf Club Simulator you can keep your game in tune throughout the worst months, allowing you to step back on to the course after winter with a spring in your step and confidence running through your veins.

In The Pack

The pack includes:

  • The Golf Club game for stunning simulation of 15 top courses (you can upgrade the license – for a fee- to get more courses added)
  • Club swing and ball launch data for every shot
  • Bluetooth dongle
  • Motion tracker
  • Five mounts and information on where to download the apps after registering
  • Most noteworthy – the R-Motion runs on your PC – no launch monitor or projector is required
  • You just need your own mat and net and you’re good to go!

In Conclusion

The perfect Golf Aid for You!

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