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NLP for Golf Training

Take advantage of the power of anchoring

As a professional mental golf training coach, I’ve become known for my use of energy psychology to break through barriers and assist golfers in slashing strokes off their handicap. But energy psychology is only one of the renegade tools that I utilize with my golfers to maximize their performance. I’ve also been trained by several Master NLP Practitioners, and get great results with techniques like anchoring.

What is an anchor?

An anchor is formed when an internal response becomes associated with an external stimulus. Think Pavlov and his salivating dogs..

Hear A Bell = Salivate

Anchoring yourself is very easy to do. But because anchors can be positive or negative, and programed with or without your conscious awareness, it’s to your advantage to set them deliberately.

Here’s how to do it:

When ever you smash an awesome drive or stroke the perfect putt, you are momentarily in what we call a “peak state”. Immediately, perform some kind of unique action – say a specific phrase, snap your fingers twice, blink your eyes three times quickly, etc. The keys are that you do it right away, and that it be unique enough that it’s not something you do all the time.

After completing this process several times, you will have anchored that action and that peak state. The cool thing is that you can then perform that action (anchor) at any time on the course, and put yourself right back into that peak state. This will greatly enhance your chances of performing well – we all kick more butt when in peak states.

A great time to set anchors is out on the practice range. Simply hit a shot, and see how the result feels. Obviously, anchor in only the really good shots.

This practice range environment is ideal because you get the repetition necessary for setting those solid, positive anchors. Then go out and use them on the course to achieve and maintain your peak states. Simply “activate” your new anchor (by performing the unique action) as part of your pre-shot routine, or anytime (on or off the course) when your need to be at your best.

Pavlov would be so proud of all you dogs!

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Written by Stephen Ladd

Stephen Ladd is a Golf Performance Coach pioneering breakthrough energy psychology techniques, and the creator of Renegade Mindset Techniques for Golf. Visit for free reports, videos, newsletters and an 8 part email mini-tutorial!


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