The Best 8 Golf Drivers Available in 2018

If you’re after the best Golf Driver, we think we can help! We’ve collated 8 of the best Golf Drivers available on the market, one of them is bound to suit you.

#1 TaylorMade Men’s M2 460cc Driver – Provides Great Forgiveness.

TaylorMade Mens M2 Golf Driver. Get more distance, more often. With three features to produce maximum forgiveness all across the club face. High MOI design with weight savings. Inverted Cone Technology. Redesigned Speed Pocket. Low CG projection combines with the new Speed Pocket and aerodynamic design for hot, high launch and low spin.

With great reviews you're bound to be impressed with this driver

#2 Cobra Men’s KING F6 Driver (Adjustable Loft) – Great if you have a Slower Swing Speed.

This is simply a brilliant driver providing extra distance for those with a slower swing speed. The COBRA KING F6 Drivers offer true personalized distance. Featuring adjustable ‘Front to Back’ Center of Gravity technology, you can now dial in your perfect launch and spin conditions to optimize ball flight and maximize distance for your swing. A front CG position delivers a penetrating ball flight with more roll, while a back CG position offers a higher, more towering ball flight with greater forgiveness.

The new face design ensures a variable thickness that is lighter, thinner and hotter creating more deflection and a larger sweet zone across the face.

There are eight easily adjustable loft settings, so you can manage trajectory and fine tune launch conditions to maximize distance on any course, and for any swing.

A highly rated driver.

#3 XXIO Men’s Prime 9 Driver – More DISTANCE!

The XXIO Prime Driver 9 is a thing of beauty, which delivers amazing results!  More expensive than most, but you definitely get what you pay for. This fantastic piece of equipment has been designed for players of all ability levels to generate better distance.

It has a lightweight crown design which enables a lower, deeper CG placement, whilst the expanded, thicker heel section supports the lower CG placement for higher launch conditions. The Sole Channel allows more flexing for the clubface for faster ball speeds and improved forgiveness.

It has a Larger Face Cup with variable face thickness which expands the sweet spot for longer, more consistent distance. The XXIO's lighter, stronger shaft enables a longer overall club length for enhanced clubhead speed.

It's available in lofts of 10.5 and 11.5 degrees.

The Swing Weight: D3

460cc head size. 46" stock length

Includes head-cover

#4 Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver – Great for Ball Speed Gains.

Callaway's Golf 2017 Men's Great Big Bertha epic Driver - aside from having such a great name (!), this driver will deliver results when it comes to ball speed. Callaway's new technology means that you get more speed across a larger area of the face for increased average distance.

The redesigned Track and sliding 17g weight, allows you to fit the club to your swing, providing 21 yards of shot-shape correction for more control and distance. The innovative combination of Titanium exo-cage and triaxle carbon crown (lightest EVER in a Callaway driver) and sole, create unprecedented forgiveness in a high-launch, low-spin design.

If you're after more swing speed and distance, you'll find the streamlined head provides you with the results you're after. With four high-performance Stock shaft options - hazards, diamana, Fuji, and rogue in four weights. Each premium, Tour-proven shaft is engineered to promote speed, power, stability, feel and control.

#5 TaylorMade Men’s M1 460cc Driver – For Amazing Customization!

TaylorMade Mens M1 Driver ensures performance for every swing. Offering seemingly endless customization, the M1 can benefit all golf players. If you want to eliminate a hook or slice, need to hit it higher, or want to bring your spin numbers down, M1 will offer a setting to help you accomplish any of those goals. A commitment to experimenting with different settings is a must to get optimal performance, but this is a driver than truly can be personalized.

The lightweight crown allows additional weight to be utilized on the bottom of the club to achieve preferred trajectory and ball flight. The weight saved in the crown enabled the CG (center of gravity) to be moved lower for faster ball speeds and also created enhanced moveable weight adjustability to help you achieve the desired result. Three unique stock shafts are offered to address ball-flight preferences, and nearly a dozen premium shafts are also available.

The M1 driver is 460cc, comes at a stock length of 45.5 inches, and is available in lofts of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, and 12 (9.5 and 10.5 only for left-handers).

#6 MAZEL Titanium Golf Driver for Men – Great for Ball Speed.

The cup face design of the MAZEL Titanium Golf Driver means a more efficient driver delivering fast ball speed across the face, especially on mis-hits, for increased average distance. 

The low CG removes weight from he crown so it's low and back in the head for a low, deep CG. Maximum distance from anywhere on the face due to the large sweet spot and faster swing speeds as a result of the thickness of the driver weight.

This is a reasonably priced driver offering good results.

#7 TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Driver – Good for Mid-High Handicap Golfers.

Made for speed with a great sweet spot! The TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver features an advanced 460cc aerodynamic shape that comes designed with a rounder toe, a raised center crown, reduced drop from crown to skirt, and a new hosel fin, all creating a reduction in drag for faster swing speeds. 

The size of the sweet spot is increased as a result of the new Speed Pocket, reducing spin for longer and providing more forgiveness on off-center hits and reduces spin.

A new matte white finish, black PVD face, and linear AeroBurner crown graphic make alignment extremely easy and inspire confidence off the tee. 

A great driver!

Additional features: Shaft: Matrix Speed RUL-Z 50 Grip: TM Speed Head size: 460cc Swing weight: D3 Length: 45.75 inch Lie angle: 61 deg.

#8 Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver – Low Spin, More Distance.

The Cobra Fly-Z driver combines quality and looks with the ultimate blend of distance and forgiveness. It has a solid, comfortable feel. An engineered trench around the perimeter of the face thins the wall structure around the perimeter to increase speed.

The forged E9 Zone Face Structure removes weight from key areas around the face and hosel areas to increase the size and speed of the sweet zone, for more speed on off center hits. The Crown Zone Weighting Technology removes weight from the crown to reposition low and back in the head for a Low deep CG. 

Provides consistency and confidence with hitting longer drives. It's a great price for such a reliable driver. 

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