Learn The Importance Of Bunker Shots Today and Improve Your Game Of Golf

The Easiest Shots In Golf!

Bunker Shots

Bunker Shots

In my years of competing in elite tournaments and coaching golfers around the world, it became apparent to me that there are common denominators amongst golfers, no matter their skill level or commitment. These commonalities are no more visible than the neglect most of you give to the short game as the major key for serious, fast improvement. Bunker shots are a massive part of the short game.

If you are a smart golfer, you’ll know that getting up and down more often will cut your scores and save those trouble holes and rounds more effectively than just hitting 10 yards further off the tee. Bunker play is key to this and is feared by too many of you, (and may I say quite needlessly as well!) because as Hogan quite rightly said…

Bunker shots are the easiest shots in golf, because they are the only ones you are meant to miss hit! ”

Even low handicap golfers make this department way to complicated -robbing good scores and salvaged holes. But I am here to tell you today, there is a much easier way to play bunker shots that give you the confidence, and scores you deserve. 


How To Learn Bunker Shots

Also, with the simple principle you are about to learn, your flop and lob shots will benefit too, because applying a similar action will allow you to pop the ball up, which leads to great distance control.

Learning the skills to ensure you will get up and down from the sand trap, does not have to be complicated. Nor should it be reliant on ingraining the skill over dozens of hours of practice! The best golf tips should be simple and follow common sense and I believe I can help you with this.

I have created a video that shows how you can get better at Golf and how the short game is a huge party of this process. It does not have to be really time consuming, confusing or difficult. But, if you can find a few minutes to play efficient practice, to keep your game sharp – you won’t be fearful of being rusty or inconsistent when you play on the Golf course.


Enjoy this video teaching you a great principle for all bunker shots that will give you unreal distance control and consistency from the sand without stress or complication.

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