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    There’s More Than One Way To Teach The Game Of Golf

    When I search for golf coaching positions or jobs at golf specialty stores or positions at golf courses, I am constantly struck by the written qualifications. Over 85% of the jobs listed all look for persons who are Certified PGA/LPGA Professionals. They do expect the individual to have coaching and management experience, a bachelors or […] More

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    Professional Golf League: Current State Of Golf Needs An Update

    If you ask most people who are into sports how athletes become professionals, the vast majority will be able to tell you. Whether its baseball, basketball, hockey, football, or soccer, the path to becoming a pro can be through the pro draft or free agency. That is, you can be selected by a professional team […] More

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    Golf Needs A Shot of Emotion

    <p>I recently read an article about how the media is being too quick to report on the decline of golf. The article mentioned three areas that directed the media to make the assumptions about the golf industry. First, it mentioned sales are down in the equipment area and have been for several years. Second, the […] More

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    Glad to see Trump’s at least taking his Golf seriously

    Amazingly Trump is on his 10th visit since taking office 8 weeks ago Just meetings and a phone call! Earlier Trump said he wasn't playing golf today. Just meetings & phone calls. Here he is posing at the golf course, w/ his golf glove on. — Shaun King (@ShaunKing) March 18, 2017 Earlier Trump […] More