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    Golf Fitness! Learn Key Exercises To Help You! Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing!

    Golf Fitness Golf Fitness is so important! The name of a great Golf exercise book we’d like to recommend along with numerous others in this post. Keeping fit and staying healthy will most certainly improve your Golf. Exercises Alongside the books recommended, we’ve also articles on which will tell you of exercises that you should […] More

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    13 Golf Books You Absolutely Have To Read (Open list)

    Who doesn’t love a good read, especially when it’s about the sport that you love. Below are a list of the most popular golf books at the moment. Some timeless classics and some newbies that are bound to provide just as much enjoyment. From golf course design to mental analysis, we think we’ve got you […] More

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    14 of the best gifts to buy your Golfing Granny!

    Buy the perfect gift for your perfect Grandma. If she’s as golf-crazy as mine, you’ll want to buy her a special present that she’ll treasure always. Below are a list of several gift items that are bound to bring a smile to her face. More

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    9 of the best Golf GPS Units available now

    A Golf GPS Unit is a  standalone purpose built device installed with technology to help improve your game. They have taken the golfing world by storm. Most come pre-loaded with 1,000’s of golf courses as well as the ability to measure shot distance, distances to the front/back and center of the green, different language options […] More

  • Golf Psychology
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    The Renegade Golf Psychology System Review

    Golf Psychology As a golfer I am always looking to improve my game. I know Golf Psychology can help. However, I can become overwhelmed with the volume of information available from the Internet, books, etc. I’m sure you feel the same way; there is no shortage of swing coaches out there. There isn’t as much variety […] More