One Of The Most Powerful Laser Rangefinder’s In The World – The Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope Rangefinder is a truly amazing Laser Rangefinder (7/9)

This bad boy really is the creme de la creme of laser rangefinders. It’s a little pricey, but you do get what you pay for! You know you’re getting a quality product when you buy Bushnell with the latest technology guaranteed. The Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Rangefinder with Slope and its award-winning PinSeeker JOLT Technology ensures accurate distances.

JOLT Technology eliminates all doubt by delivering short vibrating bursts to reinforce that the laser has locked onto the flag. Second Generation E.S.P. Technology (Extreme. Speed. Precision) provides yardage faster and more accurately and delivers 1/2-yard accuracy from 5 to 125 yards. The vivid Display Technology with improved light transmission provides extra brightness, and the improved resolution provides a sharp and clear view. 

The Pro X7 JOLT Rangefinder with Slope offers legible distance readings in all lighting conditions. Bushnell’s patented Slope Technology gives you a compensated distance based on hole’s incline or decline, so never fall short again. Slope measures slope, +/-1 deg of angle, and compensated range, based upon ball trajectory and type of club used. All this is shown on an LCD display. A 150-yard uphill shot of 6 deg really plays at 166 yards. Without slope compensation, you would come up 16 yards short. Use what the pros use, feel the exact distance, and feel the JOLT! 

If you’re serious about Golf and are happy to invest, this is definitely the Laser Rangefinder for you!


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