Play Golf Better Faster From Weekend Golfer To Pro In Two Years – Bestseller! (11/13)

What a fantastic book to help you improve your game. Knowing how to play and playing more will definitely make you a better play! Play Golf Better Faster is a practical, inspiring, simplified guide to dramatically improving your golf game whether you are a relatively new player, have been playing for years or even aspire to go pro.

In its pages Kalliope Barlis shares all the secrets she used to go from golf novice to pro golfer in just two years as well as the insights she developed during her twenty-year career teaching golf to thousands of students.

Divided into three sections, this invaluable golf guide covers how to use your brain, practice your game and play your game, offering information found in no other golf book. You’ll learn how to:

• Erase bad shots from your mind

• Anchor great shots so you have more of them

• Practice correctly

• Eliminate bad habits

• Cultivate the right attitude on and off the course

Play Golf Better Faster is a game changer. By following its step-by-step instructions, you will revolutionize your golf game and have more fun.

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