Gamble Sands (2/5)

Gamble Sands is a public golf course in Brewster, WA. The concept of Gamble Sands began with the vision of a high-end, Pacific Northwest destination resort community highlighted by a variety of outdoor recreational activities.

Overlooking the Columbia River, in the high desert of North Central Washington, Gamble Sands is blessed with one of the most dramatic settings for true links golf in the world. In fact, golf course designer, David McLay Kidd described the location as a “once in a lifetime site that every designer dreams of.”

The mission at Gamble Sands was to build a golf course that was just as playable as Bandon Dunes. Kidd wanted good golfers to stand on the tee with confidence and see opportunity, all the while ensuring the average player never lost a ball. The fairways are huge, and the views are even bigger.

“This is the once in a lifetime site every golf designer dreams of, rolling sand dunes overlooking a large body of water, a developer willing to build golf just for the love of the game,” said Kidd. “It’s just golf on sand, golf as it was truly meant to be.”

The course invites aggressive play with 115 acres of grass that is visually stunning, yet not intimidating. The Sands course more than any other exemplifies David’s early work at Bandon Dunes.


Address: 200 Sands Trail Rd, Brewster, WA 98812, USA
Phone: +1 509-436-8323

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