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Callaway Epic Pro Iron Perfectly Engineered For You

A Review of one of the best available.

Epic Pro Iron

Epic Pro Iron by Callaway – redefining the iron? 

The Epic Pro Iron is one of the top Iron’s available on the market today. The construction and design has been made to provide you with the best. This Epic Pro is forgiving in both looks and performance. This iron gives high spin and flight which will help you if you are a slower swinger or if you find your strikes are a little erratic. The club feels solid and powerful; however the noise made isn’t quite as nice a tone as one might expect given the price tag. Most noteworthy is the brand  Callaway; you are buying a trusted brand and one which invests in the latest technology to ensure you play your best. Consequently, the result is a strong performance, providing a high smash factor.

The Make Up – the technology behind this iron

Epic Pro Irons use the most ultra-premium materials and Callaway’s advanced, revolutionary technologies aim to create the highest level of ball speed, forgiveness and performance.

The ‘Exo-Cage’ construction stiffens the head’s chasis and improves the energy transfer at impact. This in turn creates faster ball speeds and more distance, as a result.

The up-dated face cup is just 1mm at its rim. This is a design which helps a wider section of the face to flex therefore protecting ball speeds on off-center strikes.

The Optimised CG via careful positioning of a standing wave behind the face, while the Tungsten and steel blades boost control.


This is a wonderfully engineered Iron, furthermore it will give you the confidence you need on the Golf course. It does have a high price tag, yet it sells well and receives great reviews. Many top Golf players are a fan and if you are a Callaway fan, this Epic Pro Iron is for you.

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