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The Best 8 Golf DVDS Offering Coaching From The Best!

Having one of the best Golf DVDs in your house is a great resource you can use over and over again, so you can keep you on top of your game. The more you watch, the more it sinks in and you’ll find yourself performing like the greats when on the course! Use your DVD alongside a Golf Club Simulator and Swing Analyzer in your home and you can practice your skills and improve them whilst away from the Golf Course.

#1 Jack Nicklaus Golf My Way – DVD

This is a great instructional DVD. At the end of the day it's Jack Nicklaus!

The film is a little dated, however the teaching style is clear and said such a simple way that you feel like you just get it! You'll no doubt be left feeling that Jack Nicklaus is the THE absolute master of the game, the best player in the history the game, bar none. 

The lessons show  you the essentials of how he played the game and what made him such a great ball-striker, HIS WAY. You'll be able to analyze your swing and feel confident in your style. Just follow his steps and you'll realize you're getting the Lesson of a Lifetime!

About Jack Nicklaus

No name is more synonymous with greatness in the sport of golf than the name Jack Nicklaus. 

Jack’s competitive career spanned five decades, and his legend has been built with 120 professional tournament victories worldwide and a record 18 professional major-championship titles. (six Masters, five PGA Championships, four U.S. Opens, three British Opens). He is one of only five golfers—Gene Sarazen, Ben Hogan, Gary Player, and Tiger Woods the others—who have won all four of golf's modern majors, an achievement often referred to as the career “Grand Slam.” Jack is a five-time winner of the PGA Player of the Year Award, was the PGA Tour’s leading money-winner eight times and runner-up six times. He played on six Ryder Cup teams, captained two other Ryder Cup teams, and served as U.S. captain for the 1998, 2003, 2005, and 2007 U.S. Presidents Cup teams—going unbeaten in his final three captaincies. Jack has been involved in the design of close to 300 courses open for play worldwide.

He's a legend and as such every golfer should own this DVD!

#2 Butch Harmon About Golf

Butch Harmon - About Golf DVD Set shares a lifetime of knowledge with you! An amazing golf instructor with the ability to see the strong and weak part of any player's golf swing.

Butch Harmon - About Golf DVD Set features: 2 DVD's with more than 4 hours of content:

SECTION 1: Ball Striking, Basic Fundamentals

SECTION 2: Faults, Cures & Drills

SECTION 3: Specialty Shots

SECTION 4: Short Game

SECTION 5: Sand Play

SECTION 6: Putting

SECTION 7: From Good to Great

SECTION 8: Selecting Correct Clubs

SECTION 9: Fitness in Golf

SECTION 10: Kids/Women/Seniors Instruction Booklet Video featuring Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and many more golf superstars.

Simple instructions, great especially for the beginner Golfer. For the more experienced, it'll go over the basics in a clear manner and make them easy to remember and implement.

About Butch Harmon

Butch Harmon has been involved in the golf arena for more than 49 years. His father, Claude Harmon, a renowned club and teaching professional and 1948 Masters Champion, introduced him to the game. Harmon followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming an accomplished player on the PGA TOUR in the early 1970’s. In 1971, his final year on the PGA TOUR, Harmon won the B.C. Open. And for 14 years running, Butch has been voted as the top instructor in a poll of his peers as conducted by Golf Digest. Harmon is the President of Butch Harmon School of Golf in Las Vegas, Nevada.

#3 Tom Watson Lessons Of A Lifetime II With New Advanced Lessons

Tom Watson's Lessons Of A Lifetime II is a clear, concise and logical DVD providing all the necessary info you need. It is perfect for the beginner - as so many areas are covered.

Disc 1:

1 Definition of Terms. 2 The Grip. 3 Grip Pressure. 4 The Setup. 5 Aim & Alignment. 6 Two Methods of Aiming. 7 Ball Position. 8 "The Secret". 9 Find Your Waggle. 10 The Takeaway. 11 The Back Swing. 12 The Back Swing, a Closer Look. 13 Transition & Downswing. 14 Impact. 15 Follow Through to Finish. 16 Rhythm. 17 The Hook. 18 The Slice. 19 Low (or Punch) Shot. 20 High Shot. 21 Uneven Lies. 22 Adding Distance.

Disc 2:

23 Recreating "The Shot". 24 Basic Chip Shot. 25 Spot Method Drill. 26 More About Chipping. 27 The High/Soft Lob. 28 Chipping Out of Heavy Rough. 29 Chipping: Uneven Lies. 30 The Basic Bunker Shot. 31 Bunker Play: Buried Lie. 32 Uphill Bunker Shot. 33 Downhill Bunker Shot. 34 Long Bunk Shot. 35 Fairway Bunker Shot. 36 Playing With Hybrids. 37 Full Swing in Review. 38 Putting. 39 Putting Drill. 40 How To Put Under Pressure. 41 Playing in the Wind: Putting. 42 Playing in the Wind: Full Shots. 43 How Can I Stop Slicing the Ball? 44 How Can I Stop Hooking the Ball? 45 Bruce Edwards Tribute. 46 Behind the Scenes.

Disc 3:

47 "The Secret" #2: Keeping the Hip "Crease" at Impact. 48 Pre-Shot Routine. 49 Bottom of the Arc. 50 Head Movement. 51 More on Grip Pressure. 52 Practice Tee. 53 First Tee. 54 Handling Pressure. 55 40 Yard Wedge. 56 Controlling Trajectory. 57 Chipping with a Putting Grip Setup. 58 Chipping with a Hybrid. 59 Fundamentals of Putting. 60 Speed Control. 61 Spot Putting 2. 62 Center of Hole. 63 Missing on the Low Side. 64 Walk the Line. 65 Head Position. 66 More Putting Drills. 67 Teaching Kids. 68 Tip from Tiger's Dad. 69 Teaching Seniors.

About Tom Watson

Tom is most certainly a Golfing Icon! With eight major championships—including five British Open victories, two wins at the Masters and arguably the most dramatic U.S. Open victory in history. There are also 39 PGA Tour wins, 14 additional wins world wide and 14 wins on the Champions Tour, six of them majors.

He was the PGA Tour player-of-the-year SIX times; the leading money winner FIVE times; won the Vardon Trophy for the lowest scoring average on tour THREE times; won the season-long Schwab Cup race on the Champions Tour twice and is the only man in history to shoot at least one round of 67 or better in all four majors in FOUR decades. He also made at least one cut on tour—even after cutting back to a very limited schedule in 1999—for 37 straight years (1971-2007)

#4 Instructional Golf DVDs – Learn Basic Swing with Lessons – 4 DVD Set

These DVDs will teach you about stance and grip in a way you may not have even thought of. They explain how to putt and when to putt and even how to handle slop shots - knowing the professional techniques will definitely help your game! 

The Long Game -First DVD

Avoid the four common mistakes that decimate even the most competent golfer's score. Wrong posture kills your swing: discover the two crucial insights to perfecting your stance. Get the right grip. Revealed: the Pro's grips for golfing success. Learn how to swing not sway - master this technique for consistent strokes. Here's how to hit the sweet spot - every time..

The Short Game- Second DVD

Avoid this biggest mistake in the bunker and you'll always get out first shot. Handling impossible slope shots; up-slope, down-slope, hard pan lays - none of these will phase you when you use these professional techniques. Discover how to get a sand save from the green-side bunker. Lining up for the perfect putt. When to putt and when to chip and run - know the difference. How to judge distance and direction accurately. Use these two practice drills to improve your performance.

Practice Drills & Equipment - Third DVD

How to improve your timing and connections. Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf techniques for getting distance and direction. Five drills to bring you up to even par. Useful training equipment that makes your practice easier.

Course Management & Etiquette - Fourth DVD

How to use the whole tee-box to avoid trouble. How to keep to the fairway and avoid the rough. When to use a shot - and how to set up. How to handle fairway slopes.

#5 Short Game Golf with Jim Furyk and Fred Funk

Learn to master your short game from two top PGA Pros!

This DVD gives you two premier players - Jim Furyk and Fred Funk teaching you how to execute various short game shots, as they would play it, in a heads up format against each other. Chipping, pitch shots, bunker play, even that awkward 30-50 yard wedge shot - they show you how to do it!

May well be more suited to the experience player.Get inside the minds of touring PGA pros Jim Furyk & Fred Funk as they compete in a skills match designed to help you improve your short game. Learn how to assess your own situations, analyze your options, and execute the proper shots - just like the pros do!Learn these essential aspects of the short game:Lob ShotsBump and runBunker playChippingThick roughBuried liesPutting from the fringeAnd much, much more!Bonus Features: In Depth, Breakout Lessons and Drills*Chipping*Bunker play*Positions of the ClockSetup Guides for 8 Critical Shots

About Jim Furyk:

One of the PGA TOUR’s most recognizable and talented golfers, Jim Furyk was born on May 12, 1970 in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  In 1992, Furyk turned professional and the rest, as they say, is history. He joined the PGA TOUR in 1994 and has won at least one tournament each year between 1998 and 2003. 

16-Time PGA TOUR Champion Including:

  • 2003 U.S. Open
  • 2010 TOUR Championship
  • 2010 Transitions Championship
  • 2010 Heritage
  • 2x Grand Slam of Golf Champion (2003, 2008)
  • 3 International Victories
  • 2010 Fed Ex Cup Champion
  • 2010 PGA TOUR Player of the Year
  • 2010 PGA of America Player of the Year
  • 15 Consecutive US National Teams
  • 9x Ryder Cup Team Member
  • 7x Presidents Cup Team Member
  • 4th on the All-Time PGA TOUR Career Earnings List
  • One of just three players to finish inside the Top-15 of theFed Ex Cup Standings in each of the first four seasons of the Playoff
  • 6th Player in PGA TOUR history to shoot 59 – second round 2013 BMW Championship

Jim Furyk’s trademark looping golf swing and his deliberate approach to the game have earned him nicknames like “The Grinder” and “The Businessman.” His father Mike Furyk encouraged his son’s unusual swing; he didn’t want to change what felt natural and comfortable. History has gone to show that Furyk’s swing has been a great asset to his success on the PGA TOUR.

About Fred Funk:

Fred Funk was born June 14, 1956 and turned professional in 1981. Fred Funk is best known for his amazing consistency and masterful short game and is one of the most popular golf players.


  • Won the inaugural Big Cedar Lodge Legends of Golf in June 2014
  • Won two Champions Tour events in 2012 – the Insperity Championship and the Greater Hickory Classic at Rock Barn
  • Eight PGA TOUR victories, including the 2005 PLAYERS Championship
  • Became the fifth oldest player to win on the PGA TOUR with his victory at the 2007 Mayakoba Classic
  • Nine Champions Tour victories, including three major championships – the 2008 & 2010 JELD-WEN Tradition and the 2009 U.S. Senior Open
  • 2004 United States Ryder Cup Team Member
  • 2003 & 2005 United States Presidents Cup Team Member
  • Served as the Head Men’s Golf Coach at the University of Maryland from 1982-1988

#6 Bobby Jones How I Play Golf

A great piece of Golfing history. The techniques and teachings maybe from decades ago, but they were used by one of the greatest golfers that ever lived! 

About Bobby Jones 

Robert Tyre "Bobby" Jones Jr. (March 17, 1902 – December 18, 1971) was an American amateur golfer and a lawyer by profession, who was one of the most influential figures in the history of the sport. Jones founded and helped design the Augusta National Golf Club and co-founded the Masters Tournament. The innovations that he introduced at the Masters have been copied by virtually every professional golf tournament in the world.

Jones was the most successful amateur golfer ever to compete at a national and international level. During his peak from 1923 to 1930, he dominated top-level amateur competition, and competed very successfully against the world's best professional golfers. 

#7 The 3-Club Tour with Hank Haney

Hank Haney is one of the world's finest golf instructors who has taught over 200 touring professionals from the PGA, LPGA and European, Japanese and Asian Tours.

Hank's students have won every major championship in both amateur and professional golf. In this remarkable DVD, Hank teaches you how to improve your game by focusing on the clubs that make up 75% of your score - the driver, wedge and putter - the three most important clubs in your bag. Based on the ESPN Golf School's 3-Club Tour - a one-day golf instructional program - you'll learn to drive, pitch, chip, putt, and play better golf.

An excellent resource for golfers of all levels, this instructional series covers a wide range of topics, including:

Driver:Swing PlaneSet Up & The GripSet Up PostureSet Up Alignment & Ball PositionThe BackswingThe Top Of The SwingThe DownswingImpactThe Follow-ThroughThe Full SwingPre-Shot RoutinesQuick Fixes

Wedge:Full Swing WedgeHalf WedgePitch ShotLob ShotChip ShotSand ShotLong Sand ShotBuried Sand Shot

Putter:Distance ControlDirectional ControlImpact Factors - DistanceImpact Factors - DirectionSet-UpPutting TechniqueReading GreensPre-Shot RoutinePractice Drill - ImpactPractice Drill Distance

About Hank Haney

Hank Haney (born August 24, 1955) is an American professional golf instructor best known for coaching Tiger Woods and two-time major championship winner Mark O'Meara. A graduate of the University of Tulsa, Haney owns and operates four teaching facilities in the Dallas, Texas area.


#8 David Leadbetter Golf Instruction

As a golf instructor, David Leadbetter has helped to improve the games of some of the best golfers ever to grace the green. Now you can benefit from Leadbetter's helpful advice in this release that offers twenty-five foolproof ways to improve your game and cut down your par.

From addressing the common ailments that plague most golfers on a case-by-case basis and steadily moving on to pinpoint and remedy each problem. Simple, well explained lessons, suitable for everyone but probably best for high handicappers.

About David Leadbetter

David Leadbetter is the most recognized golf instructor in the history of the game. David has been prolific during his 30+ year career in producing books, videos, teaching aids that have inspired golfers of every level to reach their potential.

Born 27 June 1952, originally from Worthing in Sussex, England, Leadbetter began his career on the European and Southern African tours, but had little success as a player. Having an interest in the techniques, mechanics and psychology of the sport he soon moved into instruction and came to wide notice in the 1980s when he rebuilt the swing of Nick Faldo, who then went on to win six major championships.

Leadbetter now runs an international chain of golf academies headquartered at the ChampionsGate Golf Club in Davenport, Florida, U.S. which has 36 holes designed by Greg Norman. There are also branches elsewhere in North America and in Europe and Asia. Leadbetter himself concentrates on teaching tour professionals and on instructing other coaches in his methods, who then teach his ideas at his academies.


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