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Instant Golf Confidence Trick That Could Transform Your Game

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Golf Confidence

Golf Confidence.

When you have Golf Confidence, you score low. When you don’t have it, you score high. It really is a crucial aspect needed for you to score low. But the thing is….

How do you have golf confidence all the time?

Well, here’s a little simple trick for you.


When you smile you can’t be angry, right?

Your body is pre-programmed to feel happy when you smile.

Your body is also programmed that if you move a certain way (displaying confidence) then you’re more likely to feel confident.


Imagine for a moment….

You’ve just hit a golf shot and it was a shocker. How would you walk??

Now imagine…

You’ve just hit a great golf shot. How would you walk after that shot??

Obviously you’re going to walk differently after a great shot. So how can you use that to hit more great shots and be more confident?

Well, before every golf shot you need to make a conscious effort to move your body as though you’ve just hit a great shot.

Don’t wait until you’ve hit a great golf shot to move your body confidently. Your body sends signals to your brain depending on how you move it, e.g. if you smile you’ll feel happy.

So the next time you play golf, or even just practicing, move your body with confidence BEFORE each shot. Pretend you’re moving your body as though you’ve just hit a great shot, and see your results.

I’m sure you’ll find that you’ll hit better shots and lower your scores.

More Tips?

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Written by Jeff Richmond

Jeff is the director of instruction for Consistent Golf. He is also the author of 3 Easy Steps to a professional Swing Plane
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