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Golf Exercises to Increase the Power, Speed, and Distance of Your Tee Shots

Golf exercises used correctly can increase the power, speed, and distance of your tee shots. Through the utilization of what I call golf power exercises the reality of increased distance of your tee shots can occur. I have discussed power relative to developing club head speed in previous articles. If you recall clubhead speed is contingent upon power development in your body, and golf fitness exercises can increase club head speed through increasing the power outputs of your body.

An additional component exists relative to your body, power development, and clubhead speed. The additional component we are talking about is speed. Yes, speed is a critical component of increasing power in your golf swing, and directly related to all of your golf fitness power exercises. Remember, power is the ability of the body to create the greatest amount of force in the shortest amount of time possible. (Vladimir Zatsiorsky, Professor, Department of Exercise and Sport Science, Penn State University)

If we take this piece of information, the additional information we know about golf fitness training, and incorporate them into our exercises. The exercises within the power development section of our program must be executed at a high rate of speed.

This accomplishes over time the ability of our bodies to generate more force in the shortest amount of time possible. This allows our body to generate more power within the mechanics of the golf swing. The end result is increased clubhead speed, and when the clubhead is traveling at a faster rate at impact with the golf ball. The golf ball has the potential to travel a longer distance (remember swing mechanics also play a part.)

A simple concept once broken down step-by-step but let’s make sure we all understand how to implement speed into our golf fitness exercises. Take the example of the Medicine Ball Side-to-Side Exercise. Speed of movement is a very important component of this exercise.

The Side-to-Side Medicine Ball Rotation requires you to rotate back and forth maintaining the “athletic position” of the exercise. In order to induce a power developing effect the exercise should be executed as fast as possible. This elicits the development of power in the muscles of the core. If-and-only if the form of the exercise is maintained. If you find yourself losing your technique as you increase the speed of the exercise. Slow it down a little and increase the speed as your body becomes stronger.

Remember, golf exercises in the the specific form of golf power exercises can improve your golf swing, and distance of tee shots. It is through these types of golf fitness exercises within a comprehensive golf training program increased power and speed can occur. Power outputs from the body have a direct effect on clubhead speed. Increase the power outputs of your body and you can drive the golf ball farther. And remember speed is a component of power and must be a principle involved in your golf fitness power exercises.

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Written by Sean Cochran

Sean Cochran is one of the most recognized golf fitness instructors in the world today. He travels the PGA Tour regularly working with professional golfers, most notable PGA and Masters Champion Phil Mickelson. To learn more about Sean Cochran and his golf fitness exercises and training programs go to


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