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Golf Fitness Flexibility Exercises For the Lower Back

Golf fitness exercises incorporating flexibility training is a must for the golfer. If the golfer lacks flexibility in the lower back a number of situations can occur. First and foremost execution of the golf swing will be inhibited. As stated previously, the golf swing requires one to draw the club through a long range of motion on a specified swing plane. If the golfer fails to complete this requirement of the swing, compensations will result. These compensations will causes changes in the swing plane resulting in a loss of power, miss-hits, and inaccurate shots.

Secondly, a lack of flexibility especially within the lower back can result in injury. As noted, the golf swing requires the golfer to draw the club through a long range of motion. This long range of motion requires the body to move through specified ranges of motions as well. If muscles are inflexible, the ability to execute this requirement will be compromised. Not only will the swing be affected, the muscles of the body will be stressed at a high level. Continual stress on the muscles of the body leads to fatigue and possible injury.

Knowing these two factors, golf fitness flexibility exercises for the lower back are an integral part of improving the golf swing. Golf flexibility exercises in general focus on creating ranges of motion within the body. The process by which this is completed is through creating increased extensibility within the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the body. The most common type golf fitness flexibility exercise to complete this process is static stretching.

Static stretching accomplishes this task through the utilization of exercises in which the golfer will hold an exercise for a specified amount of time, generally 30-45 seconds. As a result of “holding” this position for a specified amount of time, the soft tissues (i.e. muscles, ligaments, and tendons) affected by the exercise will relax, and increase their extensibility parameters. Over time this will improve the ranges of motion of the joints associated with the targeted soft tissues.

Static stretching is an ideal modality to improve flexibility in the lower back for the golf swing. Static stretches I recommend for golfers are as follows; cats, cobras, cat in the wheel, physio-ball back extension, physio-ball back flexion, and physio-ball side stretch. All these static stretches will assist in creating extensibility in the soft tissues of the lower back. As stated above these exercises work best when each one is held for 30-45 seconds. In addition such exercises should be performed on a consistent basis.

Remember the golf swing requires you to draw the club through a long range of motion. In order to complete this action effectively and efficiently flexibility in the lower back is necessary. The utilization of golf fitness flexibility exercises can accomplish this task for the golfer in a short amount of time. A daily routine of golf exercises performed three to five days a week can improve the flexibility capacities of the body relative to the golf swing.

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Written by Sean Cochran

Sean Cochran is one of the most recognized golf fitness instructors in the world today. He travels the PGA Tour regularly working with professional golfers, most notable PGA and Masters Champion Phil Mickelson. To learn more about Sean Cochran and his golf fitness exercises and training programs go to


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