A Review Of The Golf Training Aid Grip Secret – Golf’s Secret To Perfecting Your Swing

Grip Secret

There is a small Golf training aid available from called the grip secret. It has been designed to help you perfect your swing. We all want to do this and there are numerous aids available to help with this and this is another, so I thought I’d give it a go and let you know my thoughts.


Firstly, the idea behind the design is the need to train your muscle memory not to grip tightly with the right forefinger and thumb. If this is something you find you do, I do believe this simple grip trainer will help you. When I used it, I didn’t find it uncomfortable –  it is made of soft material that can be squeezed and it is claimed it is this that will train the proper grip pressure on the club. It did ensure correct placement of thumb and fingers. If you squeeze too hard with the thumb and forefinger you activate the muscles through the right side of your arms to the chest and back which will decrease your power.

Power and accuracy for the golf swing are derived by using the larger muscles of your core, hips, legs and shoulders (which is why you need to keep these fit). Grip Secret claim that by using the correct muscles you get a more powerful swing, improving your chipping, pitching and putting and this is something I definitely agree with.

The more you practice, the less likely you are to grip too tightly and the more likely you are to get the correct positioning of the right hand.

This is a pretty cheap Golf training aid and so I do think for the price it is worth the money.

  • Power & Accuracy
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money


A great value for money golfing aid that could very well improve your swing.

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