How to Fix Golf Slice Shots Fast

Do you hit slice shots? I have worked with many golfers at my golf school who do, and it could be argued that the golf slice is the Achilles heel of the average golfer. I don’t think there is anything worse than standing over a ball knowing that your golf ball will curve off to right field with the vengeance of a swarm of angry hornets.

I bet that you sometimes wish that there was anti-slicing golf swing software that you could install that was guaranteed to straighten the worst golf slice you could hit? Well, I have not invented the golf swing software yet, but I do have a simple anti-slicing golf swing system that will straighten the most vicious slice shot you have.

In this article I will explain to you step by step procedure that you need to fix golf slice shots fast, which will lead to lot more golf confidence and lower golf scores. But first, I need to explain a couple of simple to understand concepts that will get us off on the right foot.

Concept 1 – There are no straight lines in a golf swing

I have read in golf instruction books where they suggested that you should move the golf club in a straight line towards the target for an extended period after the golf ball is struck. If you have read this, or believe this, then you need to rethink this one. If you swing the golf club towards the target after your golf ball has departed from the club face you will more than likely hit the ground behind the ball, greatly reduce the distance of your shot, and hit your shots with a big slice.

The golf club moves in an arc, and your job is to make sure that it remains so. Any attempt to straighten the golf club heads course leads to disaster. Golf clubs don’t behave like crochet mallets, where the objective is to swing it back and forward in a straight line.

Concept 2 – Keep your head still as you hit your shot

Think about it, how difficult do you think it is to keep your head still when your shoulders are rotating around your spine at about thirty miles per hour and your arms are moving at about fifty miles per hour? Your head is designed to rotate on top of your spine easily and frequently so you should allow it to move in harmony with your shoulders and arms.

I know what you’re probably thinking that you have been told more than once to keep your head down, and still, so you can hit a good golf shot. How’s that going for you? I have seen many golfers trying to keep their head down and hit the worst golf slices or bad golf shots that you could imagine. Let your head rotate freely with your shoulders and arms and this will reduce the excessive tension in your shoulders and neck that leads to slicing swings, and a high probability of an injury to your neck, shoulders or back.

The correct right shoulder angle to fix golf slice shots

Ok, now we are going to do just three things that will reduce your slice shot curvature by at least half. The first is to make sure that in the address position your right shoulder is lower and behind your left shoulder.

What do I mean by lower and behind?

Your right shoulder has a big responsibility in the back swing and down swing by providing your arms and hands with their direction. You want your right shoulder to be tilted a lot lower than your left so your shoulders can turn on a flatter arc on the back swing. Your shoulders and feet ideally will be pointing to the right of your target in the address position. This will help you to turn a little more on the back swing and also slow down their acceleration (particularly the right shoulder) in the down swing so your arms and hands can catch up to the shoulders a little earlier.

The correct golf grip to fix golf slice shots

When you place your hands on the golf grip you need to place them more clockwise on the grip. The thumb of your left hand should be placed on the side of the handle at about 2 o’clock so that the back of your hand is facing upwards towards the sky, not towards the target. When your place your right hand on the golf grip fit your right hand over your left hand thumb and make sure that it is predominantly held in the lower joints of the fingers of the right hand.

The right hand should be aligned on the grip so that if you opened the hand completely it would be facing directly towards the target. It is not advisable to interlock your right and left hand grip, just place both hands comfortably together with the feeling that the bottom of the right hand is a long way from the top of the grip. Overlapping or interlocking the fingers of the grip reduces rotational functionality of the wrists which will make it more difficult to close the club face through the impact zone.

The Swing path and club face angle to fix golf slice shots

Finally the path of your arms and hands must travel through the ball on the correct path in the back swing and down swing. When you stand over the ball in the address position, you can imagine splitting your golf ball into quarters, the inside quarter as you look at it (between 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock) is the quarter your strike with the club head on the down swing. The force of your arm swing should move your golf swing through this location towards the top left quarter.

Now, not more than twelve inches through this top left quadrant your club face will have roll closed enough that the toe of your golf club is pointing directly down your target line towards your target. Your right arm will be straight at the same time and the combination of the swing path and closed club face angle will strike the golf ball in such a way the resultant ball flight will be a lot straighter.

These three steps are the key to fixing your golf slice shots fast. By setting your right shoulder angles down and behind correctly, you will guide the path of your arms through the golf ball on the correct path and trajectory.

Placing your hands on the grip correctly will give you the rotational control you need to facilitate the closing of the toe of your club face so that it is pointing towards the target which I guarantee will cut your slice spin in half.

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Lawrence Montague has been one of Australia's leading golf teaching professionals for more than twenty years and owns one of Australia's top golf schools based on the Gold Coast in Queensland: goldcoastgolfschool. You can visit his popular golf instruction channel at where he has produced more than thirty free high quality golf video lessons to improve you golf game.


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