Improve Chipping Consistency With a Simple Figure of 8

Sounds a little odd, but I assure you…when you feel how effective the “Figure of 8″ can be in your pitching and chipping you will understand why it was imperative for me to share this simple tip that improves chipping strikes, and consistency which will help you become Deadly From 100 Yards and In

Around the greens, we want a lot of feel and touch. But you also want accuracy and a solid technique that you can rely on. Playing with a deft, natural touch as if you were simply tossing the ball right out of your hand is what you want to achieve.

This chipping technique does exactly that.

Simply watch the video here first, and read the instructions below.

First, get yourself in a good set up, noticing the weight of the club, and feel balanced throughout. Feeling the weight of the club, next visualize where you want the ball to land and draw the club back, painting a very small figure of 8 as you come through to strike the ground.

This will give you a feeling of smooth acceleration, without the fear of stabbing, or being tense in the hands and arms, whilst striking the ball in the chip shot.

But I don’t want you to be drawing a big 8 here, neither do I want you trying to force the club into specific positions. Simply feeling the weight of the wedge, and letting gravity help you with a good acceleration and rotation of the chest will position you just right and give you consistent strikes that will help your scores and confidence right away.

When you look at Jim Furyk (who is one of the very best short game and chipping practitioners on the PGA Tour) he makes this slight figure of 8 shape with his chipping technique.

The video explains it a lot more. I encourage you to go out, even into your backyard, and try this simple chipping consistency tip.

Try this simple golf tip to improve chipping and you should get better connection and consistent strikes next time you play. But be sure to spend a little time practicing this even in your yard to feel the weight and control. When you get this short game technique right, you will be more confident around the greens.

Let me know how you get on, and look out for the next lesson where bunker fears will really be no more!

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