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Ball Strike Perfected! Play Your Best Golf With These Techniques!

Use The Ground For Power and Stability.

The Perfect Ball Strike

If you want to play your best in Golf, you need to ensure you have a perfect Ball Strike. Ensure you have a consistent and stable position, because this enables you to use the ground as you swing , producing powerful and accurate iron shots. Perfecting your Ball Strike should be fundamental to your game play; allow time and focus on getting it right. The more you do it the better you’ll become.

Make Sure You’re Arms Have Space

First of all, get the positioning right as you start to perfect your Ball Strike. If you make sure your posture has that forward tilt as you begin, you’ll guarantee a co-ordinated move away from the ball. You arms need to be hanging away from your torso, giving you the freedom to load and upload. There needs to be room between you hands and body. You almost need to relax, before perfecting your grip. If you don’t already focus on back  exercises and core exercises then you should adopt some to help give you the strength and control required to work on your Ball Strike.

Start with the clubhead just inside the ball so you know to create room between your hands and body, therefore setting you up for the perfect Ball Strike.

Keep Your Ball Position The Same

Especially relevant – don’t change the ball position; move your foot! So, if you’re playing with a 7-iron place the ball just ahead of centre in your stance. If you’re playing a 4-iron keep the ball where it is, but move your right foot farther away from the ball to create a wider stance. If you do this, you’ll keep the bottom of your swing in the same place for each shot, whilst slightly changing the angle of the clubbed giving you optimum strike.

Go For A Shorter Backswing

If you’re strong in the back and core, as mentioned above, you’ll be able to control and bring everything together as you go to swing. Furthermore, this strength helps the swing come to a natural stop with the shoulders loaded over a sable base with little hip rotation. Golfers often get aches and pains due to not getting their swing correct and ensuring physical strength where required. Keep your swing controlled and you’re more likely to get plenty of speed and an efficient strike.

Don’t Forget To Use Your Legs!

Use the feelings in your thighs as a guide! You should feel like you’re pushing down into the ground from your thighs, while keeping control. Grind down into the turf with your feet as you move from backswing to downswing. If you do this, you’ll gain stability and power upon impact!

Ball Strike Perfected

Finally, remember to take deep breaths and keep in control. If you can practice the latter you’ll gain more control of our movements. Focus, use your muscles where required and keep those arms extended through impact to get a solid strike.  If you hit in a downward strike the face will stay squarer giving you a better ball strike.

In conclusion, keep practicing! Practice makes perfect and is the only way you can get the most out of your Ball Strike.

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