Producing An Effective Golf Training Program – 7 Step System

This 7-Step System is a guide to creating golf practice sessions and a sustainable system that will improve your golf game. It is meant to be accomplished in partnership with a Golf Coach. Make sure you do the exercises and complete the necessary steps to lay the foundation. We hope you find value with the process and your enjoyment of the game increases. Don’t fall prey to the typical practice routine! Take control of your game, practice! Enjoy the guide and remember…


Many of the points that follow will seem glaringly obvious. Yet, many golfers see little or no improvement in their game because of the sublime disregard of some basic approaches. They continue, (as Einstein said), “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If you follow this 7 Step System, you will see improvement and enjoy the game more.

7 Step Golf Training System

1. The Reason

Your reason for practicing should express what you really want to achieve in the game.

You need to have a comprehensive reason for wanting to improve your golf game. Saying “I want to lower my score,” or “I want to stop 3-putting,” doesn’t have enough substance. The difference is in the terms of better precise goals within the general goals. For example, “I want to stop 3-putting,” can be narrowed down to “I want to improve my putting stroke so to better my putting pace.” Too many general goals have only minor or no improvements in your game.

What to do to practice effectively, in less time, and play better?

2. The Preparation

Beware of falling into the typical habit of just grabbing your bag and running out to the practice range.

If you take your entire bag (15 clubs and maybe a few more), there is very little chance of conducting a focused, outcome producing practice session. For example, how often do you see golfers at the range hit their driver 10 times in a row, then grab their 3 iron and hit that 7 times in a row, then grab their hybrid, hit that several times and then, go back to the driver.

No focus, no preparation equals no positive results. Have a reason for going to the practice range. Four (4) clubs and your putter. That’s all. And you MUST have a plan.

Preparation includes: the Plan, the Participants, the Outcomes/Results, the Measurement Tools, and the Timeline.

3. The Plan

Your plan should be simple and precise.

Unless your plan is built around your REASON for practicing, it will produce the same results as in the past – none. Not only must you be specific, but you must create a SPECIFIC INTENTION with specific tasks and steps that help move you toward the desired outcome or results.

What about consistent feedback and discussion on my progress?

4. The Participants

Choose individuals to hold you accountable and help produce the results you want.

If you think you can do this alone, think again. You need a coach or instructor who will keep you on track to achieve your results and outcomes. A teaching professional, a golf coach, a fellow golfer, or even a virtual coach could consistently monitor your process and/or progress.

5. The Outcomes/Results

Know the benefits and changes you want to happen as a result of your plan.

The outcomes or results are what you expect to gain after moving through the steps in the plan. These outcomes and/or results may relate to physical skills, behavior, attitudes, approach, or knowledge. These results occur after you have gone through the plan’s activities, tasks, or other inputs. They can be initial, intermediate, or long-term.

What about tracking and monitoring my improvement?

6. The Measurement Tools

You need to measure your progress to know where and when adjusting needs to be made.

Without good measurement tools, you will not know the degree of your outcomes or results. Measuring tools also help ensure accountability. There also needs to be monitoring and tracking of your progress with written records of all your activities and tasks.

7. The Timeline

In written form, make sure you have a visual idea of how you will implement your plan.

Using days, months, or even years, create a timeline that allows you to see your progress. Without specific time frames and deadlines, some tasks may never get completed and hinder your improvement. Once you have a clear picture of what you’re out to accomplish, create measurable milestones along the timeline.

The 7 Step System is meant to be interactive with your golf coach. This interaction can be in-person or virtually. There are phone sessions, emails, text messages and, for those local, golf lessons and on-course training. Virtual students can also have golf lessons through Video Review. Contact between student and coach is consistent and, in some form, contact is almost every day.

I hope this article was helpful. Improving your golf game takes more than just a lesson here and there. It takes dedication, consistency, and a formal plan. Remember…

Change Your Approach and Change Your Game.

You can purchase a short but informative Training Manual at Amazon. This manual will give you the step by step process to create an effective golf training program. Click this link to purchase the manual:

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Written by Bob Thomas Jr

Bob Thomas is a member of the USGTF. He has been teaching golf for over 15 years and been a high school and college head golf coach. He is currently giving private lessons and working on getting golf more accessible to more people.Bob is passionate about coaching and teaching and considers himself a life-long learner. Bob understands that to coach each and every golfer, there must be consistent and constant interaction. Single lessons, although excellent information and training take place, will not suffice if coach and golfer meet once a month or even once a week. Accountability and consistent follow-up must be a major part of the training program if a golfer is to experience real improvement. Interacting with the golfer, in some aspect each and every day, holds the golfer comfortably accountable and sets him/her on a path for success not only in the game of golf but in life as well.


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