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Tapping With These 3 Mental Golf Tips To Improve Your Golf Performance. Get More Control On The Golf Course!

Get Control


This brief article reveals three mental golf game tips utilizing a cutting-edge technique known as “tapping”.

What is Tapping?

“Tapping” is a do-it-yourself form of acupuncture, except you don’t use needles. Instead you simply “tap” on a few “clearing points” while focusing on and saying (to yourself, if appropriate) the negative feeling or emotion.

For the sake of simplicity, the following tips will only use a single point, referred to as the “collar bone point”. However, it is not the exact collar bone, but rather the two bony notches at the base of your neck. It is about the spot where you would knot a necktie. Just “tap” this point with an open hand approximately 10 times as instructed in the tips below. It’s that simple…

Tip # 1 – “Tapping” in your Pre-shot Routine

Tap while focusing on any negative feeling or emotion you might have about the upcoming shot. If you don’t have anything in particular, just use the term “tension”.

Take a deep breath and say to yourself “Let it be easy”.

Step up and swing the club.

Tip # 2 – “Tapping” in your Post-shot Routine

What…you don’t have a post-shot routine? That’s the subject for another article. For now we’ll keep it simple and divide your shot results into either positive or negative.

1. If the shot ended up where you intended (Positive) –

Simply tap and say “Exactly”, “Spot on”, “Nice”, or any other positive phrase indicating to yourself that you manifested the intended result.

2. If the shot did NOT play out as planned (Negative) –

Tap and say “Anger”, “Frustration”, or whatever emotion the less-than-perfect shot brings up.

Take a deep breath.

Say to yourself “This is more what I had in mind”….

And then take another easy practice stroke and visualize the ball going exactly where you intended.

This is very important because it will plant in your subconscious mind this more positive result.

Tip # 3 – “Tapping” for Anger Management

Is there any activity on earth that people love to hate more than golf?

Any time that you feel anger on the course, just tap and say “anger”, or whatever best describes your feelings (and is somewhat appropriate given your environment).

Take a deep breath.

Don’t be fooled into believing that something so simple can’t be effective. Try it out for yourself and then make your own decision.

Mental Toughness

Alongside tapping you can learn to gain mental toughness to enhance your game play and give you more control on the golf course. This alongside the tapping technique will result in more positive results on the course!

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Written by Stephen Ladd

Stephen Ladd is a Golf Performance Coach pioneering breakthrough energy psychology techniques, and the creator of Renegade Mindset Techniques for Golf. Visit for free reports, videos, newsletters and an 8 part email mini-tutorial!
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